Our Mission & Core Values:

Promotion the development of tennis as a clean sport. Publication of an open database of all anti-doping tests results and biological passport records.

To encourage the development of the clean sport. Players with Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) are not accepted.

Clear rules and transparency in the drug-testing policy. What is in the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods, is prohibited for all tennis athletes, without exception.

Athletes are at the centre of the TAA Integrity Campaign, they have the right to compete in clean and fair sport.


The TAA Integrity Campaign:

Focuses on the overwhelming majority of athletes who are proud to compete clean and true.

Is about athletes, coaches and officials working together to protect tennis from threats like use of doping and use of TUE. The decisions made by them today will affect tennis future.

Be clean, be open, be the good role model for the young athletes.

Be true to yourself and to tennis.